Sendocs is adding value & excitement to the mundane task of sending paper and pdf documents to customers. We enable businesses to share documents digitally in interactive templates that are custom designed to perform specific functions & deliver measurable outcomes.

We thus transform every document delivery into an opportunity for our Clients to drive personalised sales, branding & service initiatives while reducing their carbon footprint and paper costs. Our clients are enabled to create true omnichannel experiences combining their offline and online resources to strengthen relationship with their customers.

Digital documents also enhance end customer’s convenience as these are easy to store, retrieve & share- from anywhere, anytime.

Our Clients range from small businesses to large enterprises. We work with retailers, utilities, healthcare and services organisations to deliver millions of documents – receipts, reports, statement, newsletters – to their customers. Our SaaS platform is designed to make it easy for any small business to transform their document delivery process - at a low cost and without the IT resources of a large company.

We unlock significant incremental value which was so far untapped by business – leading to very high ROI.