Our Solutions

Our sector-agnostic product helps businesses send documents and engage with customers


Single store to large chains

Customer contacts & loyalty, feedback, post sales engagement.

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Electricity, Water, Gas, Cable companies

Customer convenience, lower paper cost, timely payment, E-bill subscriptions

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Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, etc.

Deliver bills / reports while creating new sales & engagement opportunities

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Service Centres

Car, 2-Wheelers, Household Appliances, etc.

Capture customer data, improve service quality, sell other offerings

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Cafes and Restaurants

Chains and standalone cafes / restaurants

Customer contacts, feedback, online sales / coupons.

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Chains and standalone pharmacy stores

Loyalty program, feedback, online offers / coupons

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Banks, Insurers, TPAs, NBFCs, etc.

Share documents, Collect KYC data, Feedback, Online offers

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Travel & Hospitality

Rental, Airlines, Rail, Hotels & Resorts

Send tickets / bills, collect feedback - drive multi-dimensional engagement

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For everything paper or PDF

If you are giving paper or PDF documents to your customers, move to Sendocs!