Unlock Value from Document Delivery

Everyday, our Clients are discovering new ways to use Sendocs to add value to their business. For them, document delivery is no longer a mundane task but a critical part of their customer engagement program.
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Enhanced Customer Database

Delivering transactional documents digitally provides a powerful reason for customers to share their valid email ID or mobile number with you. Use this to drive future engagement, loyalty program and sales.

Clients have seen an increase of 3-4X in customer contact database with millions of new contacts added.

We also provide widgets such as ‘register email‘ and ‘update profile’ that can be used by customers to provide/update their contact details.

Ongoing feedback

Document delivery is often the natural endpoint for a transaction. Perfect timing to ask for feedback at no incremental cost & hassle of a follow up message. No wonder our Clients and their customers love us for this.

Chose from multiple feedback form designs. Check out our NPS tracker! Every customer is now empowered to give feedback at a single click. This ensures motivated staff and better service quality!

With our dashboard that enables analytics & deep dive, you can build an entire service excellence system.

Social Integration

Sendocs helps you leverage social networks to create a loyal customer base. Social links on your page get customers to find you on insta & facebook. Get them share their product & purchase experiences by adding a zingy tagline or incentive.

Improve your social media advertising by measuring its effectiveness in driving offline sales. Integrate customer contact data you collect through Sendocs with social media ad reporting to track how many of your shoppers had seen your online ad.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Sendocs gets you a new digital property! Display videos, images and blogs to your target customers at no incremental costs. Inform & educate the customers about your company and products.

Use multiple formats from banner ads to carousels with specific call to action buttons. Track data on every customer’s view and interaction with these images & videos on the dashboard.

Online Sales & Lead Generation

Display your range of online offerings to your customers with call to action buttons. Push website visits, app downloads or your latest product offerings on the page. Get customers to opt in to your loyalty programs, sign up for a trial or buy your gift cards.

Insert coupons online to drive 10x higher redemption than paper coupons and drive repeat sales. Support this with a friendly nudge from your sales personnel at point of sale. So even as the customer leaves your store, she still carries some of it with her online – now that’s omnichannel!

Run contests & surveys

Run some fun contests with your customers or just push a contest running on your social media. Drive excitement & engagement around your brand.

You can also run customer surveys - either along with document delivery or as a separate standalone link. Ask your customers for their suggestions, preferences or feedback on products they purchased last week.

Secure & Scalable

We run Sendocs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure that is designed to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the world. As well as the security features built into the AWS service, we have:

  • We are ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on our platform
  • Daily backups of all your data, in case anything goes wrong
  • Strong Security & Privacy protocols where we work

Our System can scale to any size requirement with low latency and high uptime. We deliver & store millions of documents for our clients and their customers access these from anywhere, anytime.

Easy to integrate

We have created a product that can be used by any small business and can be deployed very fast – Some of our clients have gone live in a few hours. You don’t need coding skills to create the templates and monitor performance with Sendocs.