Solution for Restaurants & Cafes

Food business has seen an exponential rise with evolving lifestyles, trend towards nuclear family and online ordering.

Current Challenges for Restaurants / Cafes


Losing market power to third party delivery platforms / cloud kitchens


Limited leverage of on-premise customer relationship for future sales


Lack digital tools to seamlessly drive engagement, feedback and sales

Sendocs is here to help

Sendocs is helping restaurants leverage the physical customer interaction during dine-in to start a long-term digital relationship. We use digital receipts to help you collect accurate customer contact information and get you constant feedback that helps you with ongoing improvement.

Our templates are customized for your business and are a platform to share your brand stories, social media presence and any special offers on your customers’ smartphones. All of this translates to repeat business and long term customer relationships in a personalized non-intrusive manner. Sendocs is super easy to integrate with your POS platform.

Get ready to transform billing into start of a high-impact customer relationship.

High financial & qualitative benefits

1. Ongoing feedback by linking to digital receipts

2. Drive more delivery orders from own site/call-in service.

3. Collect customer contact details for future engagement

4. Drive repeat sales through gift cards, ads & online offers

5. Digital bills save paper and are more convenient

Sendocs helps restaurant/café businesses to pioneer new ways to drive sales, enhance outlet service, engage with customers and improve branding by leveraging the power of a single unique link

“Just having customer satisfaction isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans”

Ken Blanchard

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