Solution for Diagnostic Labs

Medical testing business is growing rapidly with ageing population, increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases and greater health consciousness. This growth is accompanied by increased competition and choice for consumers. Clinical test labs need to find ways to manage & enhance the experience at each stage of customer journey from scheduling an appointment, billing & sample collection to delivery of report. They also need to provide customers with their historical reports and share information on various packages and offers. Labs are also looking to get customers to sign up for loyalty programs and drive referrals.

Challenges with Current Solutions


Current solutions require customers to login to a portal – this is complex, particularly for less tech savvy consumers using only a smartphone.


Inefficient options for customers to provide feedback.


Limited options to engage with customers on an ongoing basis

Sendocs provides an elegant solution to easily & securely share bills and reports with customers on their smartphones. These are easy for all consumers to use as they can access the reports on single tap. At the same time, we help you start an engagement with your customers that will delight them and get them to visit/refer your laboratory for future needs of their families.



1. Customer convenience:
View, download and share reports /bills online on a single tap. omits the need to collect reports from the labs.

2. Increase Sales:
Offer vouchers, app downloads, advertisements, etc. Sign up to loyalty program.

3. Improve branding:
Position as a digital, youthful brand; promote online presence, products and brand story.

4. Reduced cost of paper printing.

5. Ongoing customer feedback:
Resolve any customer service issues by creating a direct link between the laboratory and customers

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