Solution for Retail

Retail industry faces twin challenges of Covid and competition from online players. Today, as a customer walks out of a store, retailers have no clue when and if they will see them again. Need for omni channel strategy to synergize offline and online business is well understood and retailers are looking for tools to implement it.

Sendocs is the perfect solution that enables retailers convert receipts to future engagement and sales. We help you collect accurate customer contact information continue the conversation with your customers, in a personalized non-intrusive manner, even after they leave the store . It is a super easy, ultra-efficient platform that integrates with any POS platform.

So save the paper bill – go green & get closer to your customers!

"Since this is a useful transactional message, customers love to receive and view a Sendocs link on SMS or Email"

"Not having to push customer to download an APP is cherry on top!"

Substantial financial & qualitative benefits

Make paper bill optional
Collect customer contact details
Increase Sales – gift cards, shop online, etc
Get feedback / NPS score
Drive engagement – Ads, Videos, etc.
Digital bill is convenient for customers - easy to access

This will be amongst the highest ROI products you can deploy at your stores to stay in touch with your customers. Experience Sendocs to turn billing to an exciting celebration of your brand!

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