Solution for Services

Product OEMs offer a wide range of products & services to capture greater customer value, however, interaction with customer post sales is limited. Occasional Service requirements provide an opportunity to connect with the customer. It is important to ensure OEMs make these count by communicating the best they can – get feedback, promote website, drive app download, schedule next appointment, special offers, loyalty program, etc.

Consumer apps and websites in this category see low traction. OEMs need an approach to enhance direct, digital interaction with their customers.

Sendocs is here to help

Sendocs provides a platform for OEMs to transform service centre billing to digital customer engagement. Quick and easy integration with Sendocs can help OEMs enhance sales, service and branding and help them create powerful omnichannel strategies.


Customer gets relevant information on single tap – historicoffers, location, contact info, etc. OEMs get customer contact details, feedback and opportunity to sell products and services.

1. Increase sales through on-page engagement

2. Save paper bill costs

3. Easily get ongoing feedback per transaction

4. Promote online presence, products and brand stories

Create powerful omnichannel strategies integrating physical and digital touchpoints. Learn more from and about your customers.

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