Solution for Travel & Hospitality

Travel & hospitality industry has very deep & specific customer engagement needs and has been a leading adopter of digital.

a. Sales cycle from Discovery, booking, cancellation

b. Offline service delivery from check-in to check out

c. Post service feedback & review on own and 3rd party sites

d. Ongoing loyalty program sign up, updates and upcoming offers

While customers are highly involved while booking and check-in; digital engagement drops dramatically post that. Emailers are getting less effective.

There is a need to make the digital touchpoints simple, seamless and focused on specific objectives & actions – i.e., get customer review post checkout; Get loyalty program sign up; Redeem loyalty points

Sendocs is uniquely suited to support travel industry by its power to combine offline and online engagement and deliver action oriented templates. We help our Travel clients leverage transactional communication to achieve specific business objectives in a measurable manner.


1. Customer gets relevant information on single tap – documents, videos, reviews, loyalty points, etc. Our Secure Identity management ensures customer need not log in to access basic services.

2. Enterprise gets customer attention, feedback and request for call back.

3. We find that as the engagement is on smartphone, customers view more videos, look up & post reviews and sign up for loyalty programs

Customer convenience through on-page services
Promote videos & images & brand stories
Increased rate of feedback & reviews
Get loyalty program sign ups & redemptions

Convert transactions to relationships and revenues! Deliver powerful omnichannel strategies, delight your customers!

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