Solution for Utilities

Electric, Gas, Water and other Utilities face a monthly challenge - to bill and collect payments from millions of customers. It takes a lot of paper documents, emails, SMS messages, call centre follow-ups, missing bills, irate customers, delayed payments. An ongoing waste of money and paper!

At the same time, customers still reach out to your call centre or walk-in or email to register their complaints, look for a copy of the bill or last paid receipts, etc. All of which could be ideally avoided altogether through self-service or happen remotely. In spite of this monthly communication, there are no good platforms for brand engagement with the customers and Utility brands are considered…well unexciting!

And then you want to go green, be able to listen to the customers and inform them of new initiatives in ways that they can listen…

While email ID of many customers may be available, it is incomplete and often outdated. You should be able to connect with same functionality on both email and mobile numbers.

Sendocs at your service!

How does this work?

The answer lies in just one message that could be sent to your customer with a Sendocs unique link.


When you generate a bill, you send a message to your customer’s mobile number with a unique Sendocs link.


The link opens into your portal customised for your business.


Customers can view & pay bills, post their queries, give feedback, edit their profile and submit complaints.

Multifold Benefits

1. Reduces paper bill costs

2. Ensures faster, cheaper document delivery

3. Enhances customer convenience to view, share & pay bill online

4. Show ads on the page, get customers to register for e-bill, direct them to your website

5. Secure identity management - No complex login or sign up to the website required

6. Track delivery and link clicks on our dashboard to drive follow up actions.

7. Position as a digital, green accessible brand.

All this from just one SMS! The engagement possibilities on Sendocs are only limited by your imagination. Send newsletters, promotions, videos, offers, or important information by mailing directly on your customer’s mobile numbers. Our Utility clients love us as a go-to, single click, wonderful, business solution!

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